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to a particular account and draws the money for the food. only a few schools are using this technology. the school board wants to expand that number. the district allows parents to opt their child out of the program and so far less than 15% of parents have done so. >>> well, it may be the toughest warmup for the west minister owls. some members of the football team attend add classmate's vug before playing in the championship game. cheryl joins us now with how the team held up. >> michael berry would have been in the stands chering on the west minister owls. some of the team went from his vug to the football field, a tough tron sags but one they managed to be set on for a win. >> on the first play, the west minister owls get on the board with a touchdown pass. the team went into the regional championship game undefeated, and tonight there's another reason to keep their record. >> he was here every game. he was here last week, and we remember him. he use today cheer on every game. >> shannon wrote baseball games and seeing your smile on her shirt. that's how she remembers 17-year-old michael berry
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1